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We understand the challenges presented in the event industry – scaling your live streams and recording deliverables – while still maintaining the quick turn-arounds and tight deadlines. This is why vueworx was built. We know these challenges because we have experienced them first-hand.

Use the vueworx uploader at each recording location to automatically upload your files into the editing module. Vueworx will instantly create renditions, name your files, add tags and timestamps – giving you the ability to organize, filter and search without having to collect physical hard drives onsite. You can even provide access to your client to view, comment, and approve files directly with your editing team. This saves both you and your client time and billable labor.

We help you monetize your content. Live stream multiple breakouts to multi-channel custom front-ends with event branding, registration, payment gateways, live chat, and much more. We know how to best extend your attendee reach to more than just onsite and capture that content for future use. Based on the tags defined in your project, you can securely share videos with your client or another team, allowing them to download the files, generate their own embed code and even request additional edits.

Let us help you in developing and implementing efficient workflows from the point of capture all the way to distributing content to your audience.


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