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You have enough on your plate (and in your inbox). Our platform gives you the power to conquer your event video deliverables by collaborating with your internal editing and marketing teams and automating your entire delivery workflow. From the pre-planning to the post-production, vueworx is the single-solution to your own video ecosystem.

Vueworx provides an industry-first cloud asset management platform – allowing your team to utilize your existing video editing processes and stay on track for all your deliverable deadlines. Streamline and create an efficient workflow between all internal departments with collaborative cloud editing.

View the status of any video at any time and leave feedback for other team members by assigning them tasks. Use us to manage your existing editing flow or combine this with the vueworx cloud editor to streamline your entire publishing process.

Based on the tags defined in your project, you can securely share videos with your client or another team, allowing them to download the files, generate their own embed code and even request additional edits.

Combine this with our custom microsites, on-demand video libraries, real-time analytics, custom API integrations, multi-channel live-streaming, custom ads, large-scale capture workflows, 3rd party imports and integration, hard drive import and much more. We offer you seamless solutions for distribution and monetization across all your marketing channels.

We believe vueworx is the simplest way to edit and manage your videos, but we understand that not everyone is the same. We offer tutorials and support for everyone to make sure you get the most out of our of software.


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