Sunday, April 12, 2020
Emily Hernandez

Virtual Events – Why are you hesitating?

The current COVID-19 crisis is like nothing the event industry has ever seen before. It has forced us to educate ourselves on what is possible for virtualizing events when physical events are no longer possible.

Common technologies like Live Streaming, Peer-to-Peer connections, Zoom Conferences, etc., are tools available to everyone and these tools are becoming easier to understand. This assortment of possibilities gives everyone a variety of options of how to build a virtual event. However, the abundance of options can also be overwhelming and may not be helpful in creating a concept of what your virtual event should be.

How do we cut through the noise to find the right solution?

Event Marketers, Event Companies, Software providers are scrambling to find a one-size-fits-all solution and may be missing opportunities to best meet their individual need. Ultimately you want a partner to provide you with the tools to best fit your brand and develop a plan to execute.

We get it, there is a natural hesitation to change. Changing the way we have done events for decades. Especially when the change involves something that you cannot hold in your hand or have a physical experience with.

While Virtual Events are not new, there has never been a time where this was our only option. Major concerns for Event Professionals looking for a virtual solution is how to create value to their attendees and at the same time, capture a return on investment.

Too expensive? Make money with it!

If you have thought about taking your event virtual but still have hesitations, here are a few suggestions that can help drive engagement and maximize ROI:

  • Use an online moderator as an emcee to create the feeling of an in-person event. This could be a live moderator somewhere in a studio or pre-recorded content.  Giveaway product samples of what is being discussed. Use gamification to measurably show just how much your attendees are participating in the event – both in sessions and with each other, as if they were at the event in person. You can even offer prizes for achieving levels.
  • Monetize the content: Require attendees to register to gain access to your event, sell presentation space to sponsors/partners, create additional revenue streams by selling commercial/ad space during live streams, merchandise products/services, etc. Measure success through powerful, integrated analytics tools.
  • Sell Exhibitor space/features and give Sponsors opportunity place banners, logos, play commercials or advertise in general.

    There is so much more … Let’s talk!

All of these are ideas that can elevate and differentiate your virtual event from just another “streamed event”.

While this article was written to make you think about your next steps, vueworx wants you to know that we are here to help you take them. Reach out today and let’s discuss how vueworx can take your event virtual!


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